Benefits of an Annual Building Maintenance Inspection

An Annual Building Maintenance Inspection is a comprehensive, visual examination of a commercial property within a 12-month period. It is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components as delineated in the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP) and to monitor the condition of a building over a period of time for purposes of capital management. The ComSOP is typically used as the checklist for an Annual Building Maintenance Inspection, which may also be referred to as a Preventive Maintenance Inspection or a routine building inspection.

Benefits of an Annual Building Maintenance Inspection

An Annual Building Maintenance Inspection helps property owners, managers, and homeowners associations understand the condition of a building to make cost-effective decisions for its maintenance and to prevent the necessity of emergency repairs. As part of the service, the inspector will provide a report that summarizes their findings, along with any recommendations. An inspection report provides an accurate record or inventory of the building’s problems to facilitate systematic repair and maintenance.

Clientele for Annual Building Maintenance Contracts

All commercial buildings require some form of maintenance for their safe continuous use and optimum functionality. The inspector may offer this service to past clients and/or advertise it as a standalone service. Although routine inspections should be performed on all types of buildings, it is a common service for residential properties with permanent occupants, such as apartment buildings and other multi-family properties. The inspector may offer Annual Building Maintenance Inspections as part of a five-year or 10-year term. The benefit for a client who engages in a multi-year contract is to cultivate a relationship with an inspector who will understand the property’s use and occupancy needs, as well as to check that repairs and maintenance noted in previous reports were completed properly.

Because every commercial inspection project is different, contact us to discuss your project’s specific needs. Visit our blog page for additional articles.

Annual Building Maintenance Inspection with Commercial Property Inspections of Atlanta

Regardless of the scope of the inspection ordered, the commercial inspection report will describe physical deficiencies that could potentially create the need for an expensive repair and/or risk the safety of building’s occupants. Every commercial property inspection project is different. Contact us to discuss the specific needs for your project, and learn more about commercial building inspections and how to prepare for a commercial property inspection.

Keep in mind, a commercial property inspection will pay for itself many, many times over. It is crucial when assessing the strength and long-term viability of a capital asset.

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